Compiling OpenLDAP on Windows
Craig Southeren
10 June 2004


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These instructions describe how to compile OpenLDAP under Windows using MSVC 6. If you only require a precompiled library, then please download it from here.

OpenLDAP must be compiled as a DLL for use with PWLib. As the standard distribution for OpenLDAP does not support this, we have provided new build files for MSVC 6. No build files are provided for at this time

Building the DLL

1. Download, install and compile the Cyrus SASL library from

2. Get OpenLDAP v 2.1.17 archive file from, or download from:

or via anonymous CVS using using the following CVS config:

Use the revision tag OPENLDAP_REL_ENG_2_1_17 to get version 2.1.17

3.    Unzip the archive to a location on your local hard drive such as C:\WORK\OPENLDAP

4.    Download the new build files from the OpenH323 CVS at pwlib/tools/, or download them from here.

5.    Unzip the new build files into the same directory as above.

6.    Open openldap/build/main.dsw workspace

7.    Use Batch build to and select the "dll" project and build the "DLL Debug" and "DLL Release" targets.

8.    Put the resulting openldap/DLLRelease/openldap.dll and openldap/DLLDebug/openldapd.dll files in your path.

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